Defeat Aphtha In The Mouth With Natural Remedy

Aphtha or oral ulcer is happening as a result of reduced immunity and the sensitivity to gluten is indicated as one of the most common causes of this painful and unpleasant phenomenon.

There are several natural ways which can help you deal with these painful ulcers in mouth:

  • Consume regularly vitamin B12
  • Few times a day keep ice cube on the place where ulcers are
  • Avoid tooth pastes which contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), agent for making foam. Use toothpaste made of natural ingredients.
  • Apply few drops of propolis, it has excellent antiseptic properties
  • Rinse your mouth with solution of lukewarm water and sea salt few times during the day. The salt will reduce the wound and will speed up the recovery.
  • Juice of aloe is excellent tool for dealing with these kinds of ulcers. Also, green vegetables have healing properties. Few crushed balls of broccoli can have a good effect.

You should know that ulcers are not supposed to last more than a few days but, if their number is increasing or they are not retreating, you must contact your doctor.

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