Cold Salvation: Drink That Could Be Substitute For Air Conditioner!

Flavored water is very refreshing. Unfortunately, these kinds of products are filled with artificial additives skillfully hidden by the manufacturers. This is why, in this article we are about to present extremely refreshing beverage that is filled with vitamins, unlike the flavored water products we already mentioned.

Make a combination of variety of flavors of your choice and enjoy a healthy and refreshing beverage.

Ingredients needed:

  • Fresh organic fruit
  • Spices (optional)
  • Water
  • Lot of ice

Combination of flavors:

Lemon + lime + orange

Raspberry + lime

Mint + cucumber + green apple

Lavender + blueberry

Pineapple + mint + ginger

Orange + lemon + mint

Method of preparation of the refreshing vitamin water:

Chop the fruits you have chosen into tiny cubes and place them in clean glass bowl. Add the spices of your choice and cover everything with water.

Place the resulting mixture into the freezer and let it stand there for several hours.

Before consuming do not forget to stir the mixture well, and then enjoy the healthy and refreshing water that possesses an abundance of vitamins.

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