Coating That Helps With Diabetic Foot (tingling of the feet)


There are lots of people who suffer from tingling feet or have diabetic feet. Often, diabetics have these burdens and sufferings because they have cramps and suffer unbearable pain. These people can find the solution in the following recipe:

Ingredients needed:

– 50 grams of horseradish

– 100 grams of raw potato

– Oil if necessary

Method of preparation:

First, wash well the raw potato and then grate it or blend it together with its bark. Mix the horseradish as well. Then stir the two ingredients together and add any kind of vegetable oil in order to get a fine paste.

Make coatings and place them onto the affected area(s). Make sure you fix the coatings well.

In order to gain the best results, do this in the evening, before bed time, and let the coating act overnight. You will feel relief the very next morning.

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