Clean Your Lungs Back to Life in Only Three Days! A Must-Do for Smokers!

In this article we will present a simple yet very effective method through which you can cleanse your lungs within three days.

Many people have never smoked a single cigarette and yet they suffer from lung problems. However, there are those who are long-time smokers and do not have any lung related problems at all.

In fact, everything it is individual, however, cigarettes contribute to the poor condition of the lungs. This method is more than needed to smokers, but whether you are a smoker or non-smoker, surely you would need lungs clean of toxins.

Here is how to achieve it within three days.

Two days before this method you need to quit consuming dairy products. In the evening before the first day of the regime you will need to drink a cup of herbal tea before bedtime.

The cup of herbal tea will help your intestines to get rid of toxins. This is highly important for the lungs not to be overloaded during the detoxification process.


Squeeze juice of two lemons and mix it with 300 ml. of water. Drink this juice before breakfast.

Then you need to drink 300 ml. of fresh grapefruit or pineapple juice. These juices contain natural antioxidants that are important for the health of the lungs.

Drink 300 ml. of freshly squeezed carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. Carrot juice will contribute to improving alkalinity of the blood.

During lunch you should drink 400 ml. of juice rich in potassium. Potassium is a key element for cleaning the lungs. Here is the recipe for the juice:

Put 350 grams of parsnips, 350 grams of green peppers, 200 grams of watercress and 350 grams of cucumber in juicer. You should end up having 400 ml of juice using these vegetables.

Also, drink 400 ml of cranberry juice before bed time.

During these three days, in addition to juices, you should also exercise and get enough sleep. In order to improve the detoxification process you can make a hot bath and enjoy it for at least 20 minutes.

This regime may look a bit hard, but it is worth doing it because you will feel incredible results within three days.


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