Cheap Perfumes Copies Contain Urine And Antifreeze!

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Copies of famous perfumes sold on the street represent market worth millions. Buying famous perfume for a low price is a great temptation. However, when we cheap buy popular perfume we are actually exposing to a great dangers.

American fashion magazine Harpers Bazaar is dealing with the disclosure of false copies of luxury products, including perfumes for a few years. The results of the research, conducted in the UK and Ireland, are frightening. In perfume bottles under the name of famous brands were found urine, bacteria and antifreeze.

Urine is used as a stabilizer of the PH value, and, among other things, it gives color to the perfume. These fragrances are cheap and therefore attractive to buyers. In fact that money is used for financing terrorism, human trafficking and drugs.

The mentioned perfume ingredients are very harmful because they are applied on the most sensitive skin areas. They can cause stinging, irritation and dermatitis. False perfumes can be recognized by their thin boxes and the bar codes placed on the front side of the packaging, instead on the back.

This is why we advice all perfume lovers – Do not buy cheap street perfumes!

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