Caution: You Touch Incredible Dirty Stuff On A Daily Basis

Every human being prefers living in clean and bacteria free environment and that is why we all make sure everything in our home is as clean as possible. Anyway, we all forgot to pay attention to some things on which there can be tons and tons of bacteria. The following things, that you touch almost every day, can be filled with bacteria and you may not even be aware of that. Be careful what you touch and how much you pay attention to maintain your hands clean.

  • Kitchen sponge

Change your kitchen sponge once a week because bacteria like salmonella and Escherichia Coli can adjust to live on that sponge. They are evolving and growing from food remains.

  • Tooth brush

Store your toothbrushes in sterile containers because every time you flush the toilet bacteria spread all over the bathroom.

  • Earphones

Earphones are known because bacteria built up from the sweat and the ear wax.

  • Water bottle

Change or at least clean your water bottle because coliform bacteria can adjust and live into the bottle.

  • Cell phones

Maintain your cell phone clean. It is recommendable to clean your phone daily because army of bacteria can be found on its surface.

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