By Drinking One Glass On Empty Stomach You Will Be Able To Lose 6 Pounds

Lemon water

If you need to lose several pounds as soon as possible, we are here to help you. However, this recipe does not guarantee that you will not gain back the lost pounds afterwards. In order to prevent that, you are going to need to change your diet.

Ingredient needed:

1 lemon

1 stalk of parsley

1 cupĀ of water

Method of preparation:

Chop the parsley into very small pieces (use blender if you want to) and squeeze the juice out of the lemon. Mix these two ingredients and put them in a glass of water. Your drink is ready.

Way of use:

Drink this beverage in the morning on an empty stomach for 5 days. After that, make a 10-day break. This drink helps in the fat burning process and will feed your body with vitamins and minerals. Parsley will improve the digestion process and will clean your organism of excess fluids. You can lose up to 6 pounds within 5 days.

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