Broccoli – A Fighter Against Breast Cancer

broccoli-a-fighter-against-breast-cancerThe scientists gave medicine, made ​​from broccoli, to women suffering from breast cancer and tried to determine whether the ingredients in this vegetable can stop the spread of cancer.

Previous studies have shown that consumption of broccoli can encourage secretion of protective enzymes in breast tissue. Now, scientists pick the molecule sulforaphane and gave it to patients who have this diagnosis.

Experts believe that sulforaphane can turn the body into a “weapon” against breast cancer.

Dr. Maria Trak say: Sulforaphane is really important. It helps maintain a healthy balance of antioxidants in the body. You should eat broccoli three to four times a week to have a benefit. Some may think it is too much, but when I saw the evidence, my family ate if more often. ”

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