Boric Acid – Effective Against Fungal Infections

When boric acid is mentioned, many people think that it is another harmful chemical. But, the truth is that boric acid can heal all kinds of yeast infections. Due to this reason boric acid is the main ingredient of homemade drugs which are made at home for treating the fungal infections, for example, athletic foot. But, boric acid has other health benefits as well.

Do you have problems with irritated eyes?

Medicines which are based on boric acid can serve as a tool that helps against infections and irritations of the eyes. By rising the eyes, relief can be achieved and impurities can be removed which can be found in the eyes. Many people also do not know that they can use boric acid against pests at home. It is important for you to know that boric acid is not very toxic to humans and animals in compared with other pesticides.

Advantages of the use of boric acid:

Treatment of eye infections – Boric acid is effective in infections of the eyes. It is used of conjunctivitis and other infections of the eyes. It is applied so that is used a teaspoon full of boric acid dissolved in a cup of salty water or physiological solution. Obtained like this, the solution should be used for rinsing the yes and relieves and prevents the irritation and inflammation.

Treatment of ear infections – Boric acid can be used for flushing the ear in case of inflammation. It is proved as very effective in the treatment of various ear infections in humans and as well in pets. It is excellent for cleaning the fungi which can develop inside the ears during swimming. At inflammation of ears it is recommended usage of 2% solution and the rinsing should be practiced twice daily.

Athlete’s foot – Boric acid can be very useful in case of yeast infection including the fungal infection of the nail and athletic foot. Just little amount of boric acid (few crumbs) powder into the socks can help in eliminating smaller infections and itch caused by athlete’s foot. Also it can remove the unpleasant smell that the athlete’s foot is causing. How it cures? Boric acid changes the pH value of the skin and helps remove the dead cells and fungi which are feeding on the dead cells of skin. Boric acid is strong ingredient against fungal so if the commercial creams and lotions cannot help you, then it is more likely that boric acid will help you to solve this problem.

Boric acid for treating acne – Boric acid has antibacterial properties and due to it many people are using it to treat acne. Many products for treating acne and other skin problems include boric acid. Acne appear due to bacteria and the boric acid has strong antibacterial properties which can successfully remove the acne. It must be said that boric acid also can cause irritation of the skin. This is why in some countries it is banned for use in cosmetics.

Boric acid for cleaning – Often it is used as cleaning agent in the home: for removing stains, odor of premises and disinfection. Use can place it into your washing machine if you want to remove stains form your clothes and if you want to clean your machine on the first place. Many people use it for cleaning the toilet shell.

Simple recipes from boric acid

Experts said that the best and most effective recipes with boric acid are for treating athlete’s foot and fungal infection.

Recipe for treatment of fungal infections:


  • Empty capsule
  • 600Mg boric acid


Fill the empty capsule with boric acid and place it like vaginalete before you go to sleep. Repeat this procedure 7 days in a row. It will effectively destroy Candida. (Read the precautions for this recipe)

Recipe for treating athlete’s foot


  • 1 cup of alcohol or water
  • Two tablespoons boric acid

Mix the ingredients well and apply from the mixture on your feet by using a cotton ball. You can also use dry boric acid which should be put in the socks.

Boric acid – cautions while using

Boric acid should not be used orally in any circumstances, it should not be applied on open wounds and should not be used at children. In case of swallowed boric acid, immediately seek medical help. You should keep the boric acid on safe place where children will be not able to reach it.

If you use boric acid for fungal infections, it is not unusual to get irritation of the skin. Pregnant women should not use in any case boric acid.

If you wear contact lenses you should not use boric acid for rinsing your eyes. Wait for 30 minutes after rinsing the eyes and then place the lenses. If open wounds are present near your eyes do not use boric acid. If you experience any problem after using the rinsing with boric acid visit a doctor immediately.

Never use boric acid on the kitchen table or on other surfaces where you prepare food.

If your skin reach contact with pure boric acid, carefully wash the spot with water.

If pure boric acid makes contact with your eyes, carefully wash your eyes with very cold water and visit doctor immediately.

If you accidentally swallow boric acid seek immediately help from doctor. 

Conclusion for boric acid:

If boric acid is used on right and safe way it can be used for:

  • Fungi infection (athlete’s foot)
  • Fungal infection
  • Infections of eyes
  • Infections of ears
  • Skin problems (acne)
  • Protection against pests
  • Cleaning

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