Black Pepper Prevents Cold And Cleanses Airways


Besides being great addition which gives food great taste and aroma, black pepper I much more than just a regular spice. Its properties are great tools against viruses and bacteria.

  1. Prevents cold and cleanses airways

Pepper is a natural decongestant that cleanses respiratory tract and contains chemicals which irritate mucous membranes. Prepare hot soup and add ground pepper. The soup will warm up the sinuses and pepper will help in cleaning the airways.

  1. Cleanses the organism

Pepper grains are very powerful antioxidant which improves circulation, stimulates metabolism and increases appetite. It is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. This amazing spice plays important part when it comes to improving digestive system’s work by stimulating enzymes and secreting gastric juices.

  1. Pepper keeps clothes’ original colors

In case your favorite dress is losing its color, add a teaspoon of grind black pepper into the detergent for washing clothes. It will act as a fixative and will keep the dress’s color. Do not worry if pepper will do something to your clothes because the water will wash it away so you do not need to wash your clothes again.

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