Birth Control Pills, Cigarettes… Risk Factors For Cervix Cancer Occurrence!


Infection with human apillomavirus (HPV) is the most risky risk factor for cancer of the cervix. Also, smoking, use of birth control pills, the number of sexually partners and decreased immunity of the woman are considered as other risk factors.

HPV is considered the most risky risk factor and has been identified in more than a hundred different types. However, not all of them cause cancer of the cervix.

Because of this, different types of this virus are classified as high and low risk. Types 6 and 11 can cause an outbreak of warts but not cancer, while types 16 and 18 are considered to be highly risky in some women and can cause cancer of the cervix. Besides the risk factor brought by this infection, it is considered that prolonged presence of infection in the body is necessary to cause such side effects.

Cervical cancer is more common among those women who had more than one sexual partner or in those whose partners had more than one sexual partner, according to statistics.

The intake of nicotine or cigarette smoking increases the risk of cancer of the cervix by seven times in women who smoke, unlike in women who do not smoke. By quitting this highly unhealthy habit the risk itself will significantly be reduced.

Women who use birth control pills for a longer period of time, than they increase the risk of getting this type of cancer. However, birth control with estrogen is among the lowest risk factors.

Women who use birth control pills, but also do not have the presence of humanpapilloma virus in the body, are less likely to get cancer of the cervix.

Reduced immunity in women is considered to increase the risk of cervix cancer because these women are prone to infectious diseases, including the HPV virus.

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