Beverage Which Will Protect You Against Ovarian Cancer


Women who drink black tea on a daily basis have 10% less chances of getting ovarian cancer than women who do not drink any kinds of healthy beverages. By drinking several cups of healing beverages a day, the beverages’ properties increase overtime. A study confirmed that this habit will provide 12% less chances of getting breast cancer.

Green tea also has plenty of health benefits. This healing beverage possesses anti-tumor properties. Green tea’s healing properties are very well known since ancient times.

A British study, published in the magazine ”Cancer Causes and Control” have shown that one cup of black tea a day will decrease the risk of ovarian cancer by 10%. Drinking several cups of black tea on a daily basis will decrease the risk by amazing 13%.

The risk of getting ovarian cancer can be decreased by incredible 20% if you consume one cup of green tea on a daily basis.

Ovarian cancer is considered to be silent killer because its symptoms are nowhere to be noticed until the disease is in its advances stage. There are lots of risk factors, here are some of them: family history of the disease, overweight women, diagnosed breast cancer, using hormonal therapy…

However, ladies, consume several cups of green and/or black tea on a daily basis in ortor to reduce the risk of breast or ovarian cancer.

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