Beverage For Treating Thyroid Gland

This beverage successfully treats thyroid gland in the case of iodine deficiency. One dose of the beverage is sufficient.

Recipe for the healing beverage

Ingredients needed:

– 1 kg of organic honey

– 40 green (young) small walnuts

Method of preparation:

Wash the walnuts well, dry them and poke several holes in them, using a needle, or make small slices in them using a sharp knife. Put the walnuts in a jar, pour the honey over them and leave them in the open, exposed to the sun.

This process should last for at least 40 days before you strain the mixture through a strainer, i.e. transfer the liquid into a glass bottle.

Way of consuming:

This beverage’s healing process lasts until you spend it all.

Drink one shot of the resulting liquid (0.5 dl.) in the morning.

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