Be Healthy And Pretty: Magical Warm Lemon Water


Start the day in a healthy way that is great for your body and mind – drink hot water with lemon. This is something that will bring numerous health benefits.

Top 9 reasons why to include this habit in your everyday life and practice it every morning:

1. It cleanses and detoxifies your body – it helps to increase the function of enzymes and stimulates the liver.

2. It improves the immune system – Vitamin C and calcium help in the fight against cold and stimulate nervous functions.

3. It cleanses the skin – This mix contains antioxidants that help in soothing wrinkles, spots and are great fighters against free radicals.

4. Lemon water gives energy and improves mood – Lemon’s calming smell will help you get rid of anxiety and depression.

5. It refreshes the breath – but it also helps against toothache and gum inflammation.

6. It stimulates the weight loss process – the high percentage of pectin fibers reduces the feeling of hunger.

7. The mixture of lemon and water creates optimum pH value – It helps lowering overall organism’s acidity. Pains and inflammations are the main reasons for that.

8. It hydrates the lymphatic system – the lemon water gives this system mental clarity.

9. It speeds up healing processes – It helps in the process of wound healing and production of cartilage.

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