Balance Yourself With A Trick Done At Home! Regular Foil Melts Fat And Cleanses The Body Of Toxins!


You will get rid of fat deposits, cellulite and stretch marks.

Wrapping foil became popular for cosmetic purposes too. It is used for weight loss, detoxification of the body and improving the quality of skin.

There are different ways of wrapping with foil, and today we will present two efficient ways of wrapping foil in order to lose weight, detoxification and getting rid of cellulite.

1. Wrapping foil with honey

Warm some honey in a small bowl and one egg yolk and a few drops of essential oil of citrus (lemon, orange oil or jojoba). Apply this mixture on the problematic parts of the body (legs, stomach, thighs) and wrap tightly with foil. Put on some warm clothes, lie down and cover yourself with a blanket. After half an hour remove foil and get a shower.

2. Wrapping foil with clay

Anti-cellulite clay wrapping is the best way to burn fat. It is best to use blue clay because it contains a number of trace elements which effectively act on the skin. Dilute blue clay in water and apply the mixture to the troubled area. Wear warm clothes and leave the clay on the skin for about one hour.

Practice this method twice a week and you will be amazed by the results.

You will get rid of fat deposits, cellulite and stretch marks.

All foil advantages when it comes to weight loss:

– The foil is not expensive and we can all afford it

– You do not have to wrap problematic areas only, you can wrap your arms and legs as well

– Helps in body shaping

– If you do the gym or exercise three times a week, while practicing this foil trick, you can easily lose 2 to 3 kg in a week.

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