Bad Breath – How To Find Out If You Have It And How To Overcome It?

Bad breath has been always considered as one of the most unpleasant and most repealing problems. It causes unpleasant feeling when hanging out with friends and even shame and embarrassment. Unfortunately, bad breath is very common problem and almost all people, once in their lifetime, have fought this problem. Fortunately, there are solutions to every problem.

How to find out if you have bad breath?

Most people try to find out if they have bad breath or not by putting their palms in front of their mouth, blow in them and then smell. This is completely useless and wrong thing to do if you want to check your breath.

If you really want to know how other people perceive your breath, you should do the following tests:

– 1st test – Shortly press your tongue to your wrist, wait for the saliva to completely dry out and them smell. In case the smell is bad, find some way to refresh your mouth. If you pass this test, move to the the next.

-2nd test – Take a spoon, place it deep in the mouth and scoop your tongue with it. You will find white thick liquid. Smell the liquid and you will know what your breath smells to others.

Another good way of finding out if your bad smells bad or not is asking some family member who will give you an honest answer.

The best time for doing these tests is one hour after you have brushed your teeth. Never do these tests in the morning because morning breath can be unpleasant in all of us.

How to get rid of bad breath?

If, after doing the tests, turns out you have bad breath do not panic because there are simple solutions on how to refresh your oral cavity and get rid of bad breath.

1. Maintain your oral hygiene properly and regularly

– Wash your teeth with toothpaste at least twice a day.

– Brush your tongue, upper part of the oral cavity and the inside of the cheeks.

– Use dental floss at least once a day in order to remove food stuck between your teeth which is almost impossible to remove using toothbrush.

– Wash throughout your braces and other oral aids, if you have them.

– change your toothbrush on every 3 to 4 months.

– Visit your dentist regularly.

2. Drink lots of water

– Dry mouth is often cause for bad breath. But you should not drink coffee and juices in order to wet your mouth, but water. Water will reduce bacteria presence and will also stimulate secretion of saliva, which is natural mouth cleanser.

3. Chew sugar free chewing gums

– Chewing gums stimulate salivary glands to secret saliva and at the same time they freshen the breath. Besides that, chewing gums also clean food of the teeth, gums and tongue.

4. Eat solid foods

– Solid vegetables and fruits are natural mouth cleaners and they also have the ability to reduce the presence of bacteria which cause the unpleasant smell. Consume apples, cucumbers, celery, carrots etc.

5. Reduce coffee and alcohol intake and quit smoking

Quit smoking and your breath will not smell like an ashtray anymore. No one is comfortable talking to a smoker who has just put off his cigarette. Both coffee and alcohol dry the mouth and contribute for bad breath occurrence. If you want to change this condition, replace coffee with tea and reduce alcohol consummation to minimum.

6. Drink yogurt and avoid garlic and onion

– Yogurt increases presence of good bacteria and improves overall mouth health. Both garlic and onion are great enemies to regular, pleasant, breath. Consume these two vegetables when you have the opportunity to avoid contact with close friends.

7. Eat parsley

– Each time you notice your breath is bad, eat some parsley. This plant will improve the smell of your breath immediately.

If these advices do not help you, consult your dentist in order to see what the problem is. Sometimes bad breath can occur due to diseases and health conditions such as diabetes, liver problems, sinus infection etc. In case nothing helps you, visit your doctor and check your overall health condition.

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