Amazing Remedies For Cleansing The Liver

amazing-remedies-for-cleansing-the-liverThe liver eliminates toxins that we put through food, water and medicines. If there are some problems and difficulties, the solution is hiding in the plants that we will present below.

  • Root Of The Dandelion

Dandelion protects lungs from toxins. Also, the root maintains optimal levels of potassium, which regulates blood sugar and blood pressure. If you have muscle cramps, take five drops of dandelion root juice before a meal three times a day.

  • Artichoke Leaves

Leaf of artichokeĀ is one of the oldest natural remedies. Thanks to it you will improve digestion and prevent the appearance of fat.

  • 1 Tablespoon of Turmeric

Add a tablespoon of turmeric in a little cheese or sour cream and eat it for breakfast. Your liver will start recovering within seven days.

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