Alarming Signs You’re Eating Too Much Sugar

Sugar is addictive and it is also public enemy number one.  From babies our parents reward us with sugary treats and we continue to reward ourselves through adulthood.  Often we are eating foods that we do not even know contains sugar.  There are foods that we think are healthy, perhaps a fruit bar, and that is actually toxic with sweetened chemicals.

We need to be able to recognize sugar, know what we are eating and drinking, and wean ourselves off this toxic substance.

It is really not that hard.

What does sugar overload do

  • Headaches
  • Aches and pains
  • Blood sugar fluctuations
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Dread disease
  • Cancer

How to end sugar cravings

Once you break free from the addiction, which is your body’s need for a sugar fix, you will experience feelings of healthy, energy and clarify of mind. 

To get to this level you need to train our body to burn fat as its primary form of fuel, and not sugar.

How to do it

  • Read labels on all food and know what is going in to your body.
  • Do not eat processed foods, they all contain sugar
  • Eat natural and raw where possible.
  • Eat plenty of vegetables.
  • Lean meat only.
  • Fish.
  • Cut out the carbs.
  • Cut out the sugars.
  • Eat full fat.

You can get your sugar from fruit, which is a natural sugar.  Even then, do not overdo it.  You will find that by eating more fats and more protein your body will have plenty of energy.

Watch your weight

Don’t be scared to get on a scale.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Measure your waist and hips if you can. 

Then, cut out sugar.  Simply cut it out.  Watch your body change.  Watch your moods change. Watch your skin start to glow.

Should you do it slowly?

If you find that you cannot just cut sugar out then follow the Three Cycle Sugar impact Diet.

You need to follow the diet plan and list the foods that are good for you.  The first week includes switching from high sugar impact foods to medium sugar impact foods.  An example would be to replace pasta with quinoa.

The second week includes switching from medium sugar impact foods to low impact sugar foods. You are resetting your taste buds and learning how sweet a food really is.  You are now cutting out all fructose.  You want to be eating 5 grams of fructose, or less, per day. 

The third week has you cutting out fruit too.  You can still eat avocado, tomato, olives, lemons and limes which are all low sugar impact food.  But now you are also enjoying the lean meats, wild salmon, leafy green vegetables, seeds, nuts, quinoa, lentils and legumes.

Remember your diet plan will tell you which are the good foods and which are the bad.  Schedule meals to regular breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This is called intermittent fasting.  Learn to stop snacking. 

Fermented vegetables

These are really good for you as they promote gut health.  Gut health, or gut flora, is a new buzzword.  It is an important one.  A health gut is a healthy body is a healthy mind.


Nuts are filling, they are high in the good fats, low in protein and do not have sugar.  A handful a day is all that is necessary.   They contain the healthy fats but also have calories which is why you have just a few a day.

Dehydrated kale chips

Grow your own kale if you can.  Otherwise buy it from the store and leave it to dry naturally.  You can’t overdose on kale or kale chips, and it is filled with antioxidants.


A lot of vegetables are really delicious.  Snack on broad beans with a hummus, or snow peas straight out the shell. Carrots are brilliant too.

Maintaining your weight

You will know that you are burning fat for energy and not sugar for energy when you no longer feel hungry all the time, when you stop having mood swings and when your energy levels are regular. You should be able to go five to six hours without eating.  You also should not have cravings any longer.

Eating well should become a way of life.  If you do it right you won’t want sugar anymore.  Get into the habit of eating fresh, raw, colorful, organic and lean and see how good you feel.  It will become a lifestyle soon enough and you will not be craving sugar at all.

Remember, sugar is toxic.

A good diet, regular exercise and some mindfulness and you are on your way to good and pure healthy living.  Good luck.  And remember, you may want to get a copy of JJ’s book to see what the Three Cycle Sugar Impact diet entails exactly and what you should be eating.

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