Air-Cleaning Plants For Your Home

air-cleaning-plants-for-your-homeFrequent airing of the home is very important because fresh air is very close connected to our health. Interior in which there was no fresh air for quite some time is more dangerous than pollution.

No matter how fresh the air in your home is, it is still not good for your health because it contains harmful toxins which spread through the air. The most common of these toxins are formaldehyde (it can be found in carpets, upholstery, adhesives etc.), trichloroethylene (can be found in solvents, adhesives etc.) and last but not least gasoline (which can be found in plastic or syntheticfibers).

In order to keep your home’s fresh air good for your health we recommend you to grow the following plants (for which researches show that they are powerful air cleaners).

These plants have great power for attracting the harmful toxins and with that clean the air we breathe. It is recommendable for these plants to be grown in offices and other interiors in which people spent most of the day in.

  1. Palm

There are many types of palms in the world but they all are great air-cleaners. The elegant drop of the palm leaves allows soft energy to circulate in the room they are in.

  1. English Ivy

Besides the fact that this plant gets rid of harmful toxins it also gets rid of some allergies such as mold.

  1. Spatifilus Planta

It is also known as Lily(Calla) and has beautiful white petals. Besides it cleans the air it also spreads positive and calming energy.

  1. Ficus

This is yet another powerful plant with air-cleaning “powers” which removes most of the harmful toxins in your home.

A piece of advice: No matter the plant you choose to grow at home, you should always clean the dust that is on its leaves in order to have healthy breathing air in your home.

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