After You Read This Article You Will Never Want An Ice Cube Into Your Drink Again


Have you ever wondered what exactly is in ice cubes? In addition you can read what dangers can occur because of an ice cube.


Mold is the biggest problem. It can often be found in ice machines in restaurants and it can also grow in the refrigerators at home. This problem occurs when freezers are turned off then turned on again. This is why you always need to clean the refrigerator after it was turned off.


In case the water from which ice cubes are made is contaminated, it is very normal that ice cubes are contaminated as well. Keep in mind that ice cube molds can also be carriers of bacteria.

The infection can be transferred to other products such as meat. This is why you should always check the sanitary correctness when it comes to freezers and refrigerators and any other food linked machines.

A 2011 research has shown that 33% of ice samples taken from ice-machines in catering facilities have more bacteria than allowed. 72% of those were positive to coli form bacteria.

Bacteria from dirty hands can pass on to ice cubes

Most of the people are not aware of the risks of bad hygiene. 15-year old boy died in USA due to contaminated ice cubes. This could have been prevented only by washing his hands.

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