After Reading This, You Will Never Carry A Cellphone Inside Your Pocket!

There was conducted a research in the Technician’s Medical School in Haifa, Israel in which in particular they showed that carrying a cellphone in the front pockets of your jeans has a bad influence on men’s health.

Carrying a cellphone in the pocket reduces sperm count and reduces fertility.

In this study were examined 100 men who were patients at the clinic for infertility this last year and it was discovered that the men who carried their cellphones in the front pockets of their jeans have a significantly lower sperm count than those who do not carried the cellphones in their pocket.

Men who held their cellphones in the front pocket all day, in 47% of the cases have been seriously affected by this habit. The scientist emphasize that the main culprit is the electromagnetic activity of the smartphones. Also, this study discovered that men who kept their cellphones beside them in bed at night or in the cabinet above the head have lower sperm count than the men who keep their phones away from them while they are asleep.

So, be careful and put your cellphone away from your body while you sleep and keep it away from your front pockets.

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