90-Second Trick: If You Practice This After Showering, You Will Have Unbelievable Energy!


There are certain things that we do not know about showering, although, on average, we spend 4000 hours of showering in our lifetime. We need to start our day with this kind of shower.

Most of us think that showering awakes us, but actually it goes quite the opposite. Going in cold room after a hot shower declines our body temperature, from which huge need for sleep occurs.

So instead of being rested, you will feel sleepy after showering. Therefore, it is important to do the following.

When you are done showering, turn the cold water on and stand under the water for 30 seconds. Wait 30 seconds afterwards and then spend 30 seconds under a jet of hot water.

Exposure to this a kind of “hydrotherapy” really have a positive effect.

Note: This mode People who suffer from cardiovascular or other serious health problems should be careful when it comes to taking shower like this. The great temperature variations are certainly not appropriate for those people.

For everyone else, this is a great routine that will refresh you and give you a motivation for the new upcoming day.

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