90 Second Shower Trick To Fill You With Energy


During the day you drink several cups of coffee to keep your energy, but have you ever thought about finding another source of energy? When you wake up in the morning, try the 90 second-long shower trick and we assure you it will become a part of your everyday life.

During the morning shower, make this strong hydro-therapy trick.

1. Set the water to be as cold as you can handle and take a shower with that water for 30 seconds. When you feel the cold water you might feel a bit uncomfortable, but you will quickly get used to it.

2. Then, adjust the water to be as hot as you can handle and shower with that water for 30 seconds. Hot water dilates blood vessels and stimulates circulation in the body.

3. Finally, set the water to cold again and shower with it for 30 more seconds. It will not only help you wake up completely and get you ready for the challenge of a new day, but this method will also make you less prone to stress, will strengthen immunity and will increase the body’s ability to discard fat and improve your mood.

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