9 Secret Lemon Powers


Lemon has more health and practical properties than how we can imagine. If you do not usually use it, after you read the best kept secrets of his use, we guarantee that you will change your mind and you will always have at least one lemon on hand.

– For lightening your hair

Hair coloring is not the only solution. Lemon juice is practical and natural solution. Mix 60 ml of lemon juice in 180 ml of water and apply it onto your hair. If you want fast and amazing results, dry your hair in the sun.

– For cleaning spots off of your cutting board

Squeeze half a lemon on your cutting board and scrub it. Leave the board that way for 20 minutes or so. Wash it with water and repeat the procedure if needed.

– For getting rid of throat pains

Mix 60 ml of lemon juice with 340 grams of honey and 120 ml of olive oil. Heat the mixture for 5 minutes, stir it and drink 1 tablespoon of it on every 2 hours.

– To restore the original whit eness of white underwear

Next time you wash white underwear, add 120 ml of lemon juice – you will not have to use chemicals   ever again because you will be amazed of this tricks results.

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