8 Surprising Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt


Himalayan pink salt is found in the Himalayan mountains that stretch across China, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bhutan, Afghanistan and India. The unique, rosy hue of himalayan pink salt will pique anyones interest, but less obvious features of this exotic crystal are its incredible health benefits.

There are ways to maximize your usage of himalayan salt for both aesthetic and health purposes and you’re probably eager to find out about them at this point.

Contains 84 Beneficial Minerals

Some of these beneficial minerals include iron, calcium, iodine and potassium.

Table salt contains infused iodine, which is added to the salt after it has been bleached and stripped of all its nutrients. The iodine that is added is synthetic, which often makes the iodine harder to absorb.

Studies have shown that for each gram of table salt your body can’t process, your body must use 20 times the amount of water to neutralize the sitting sodium chloride in your body.

On a more positive note, all 84 of the minerals in pink salt are naturally present with no human intervention needed.

Is Great For Body Detoxing

Salt, in general, helps to transfer toxins from healthy cells to your bloodstream and this helps you get unwanted substances out of your body. Himalayan salt was proven to be the most effective and efficient toxin dispeller in comparison to other common salts.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Salt gets a bad reputation, but your body really needs it to help regulate your body’s systems.

Since pink salt is absorbed much more easily into your bloodstream than other salts, it’s affects on your blood pressure and blood circulation are so much better! This pink crystal can help you lower your blood pressure and increase your blood circulation.

Helps to Alleviate Sinus and Respiratory Issues

You don’t even need to digest pink salt to reap its benefits. Mixing pink salt with hot water until it dissolves releases steam that is great for clearing your breathing passages.

Balances pH Levels in Cells

Adding two pounds of this wonderful crystal to your bath water will help balance your body’s acidity and alkaline levels while you relax and enjoy a soothing bubble bath.

Prevents Spider Veins

Spider veins, (varicose veins,) are tiny visible veins usually found on your legs. These veins can make people feel self­conscious and question whether they should wear shorts or opt for capris.

Pink salt helps to heal damage to your arteries, which will improve blood circulation and prevent those annoying spider veins from popping up.

Has Less Sodium

Salt with less sodium? That’s right. 14% of pink salt consists of healthy trace minerals. Most foods these days are packed with sodium, causing us to consume more sodium than our recommended intake. If you’re going to use salt, you might as well use salt that has less sodium.

Is Great For Decoration

How could you use himalayan pink salt without taking advantage of its gorgeous color? Pink salt can be used to make your dishes look extra special. You can even serve your food on pink salt slabs. Your guests will be very impressed!




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