8 Nasty Things About Bellybutton Your Doctor Never Told You About


This small part of the body is totally neglected, and hides many amazing and nasty stories doctors never speak about.

1. Bellybutton is the first mark/scar you have received

Navel occurs when the umbilical cord is cut. This is why it si considered to be a mark you get as soon as you are born.

2. It is filled with bacteria

Navel is home to numerous bacteria. A certain research, conducted in 2012, has showed that incredibly large number of bacteria live in the bellybutton. The research has been done on 60 people and 2368 species of bacteria were found.

3. Some people do not have bellybutton

Of course all who were born with an umbilical cord attached to a stomach has bellybutton, but in some people the scar heals completely over time and it si completely unnoticeable.

4. It can be infected

If you have piercing (bellybutton ring), you should highly pay attention when it comes to bellybutton hygiene and practice doctor’s advices in order to avoid infection.

5. If you are male you probably have pieces of your clothing in your bellybutton

Navel is like a warehouse, especially if it is drawn inward. You should not be surprised if you have stitches in it, pieces of cotton or any other material of the clothes you wear.

6. Staring in the bellybutton was once a type of meditation

Greek monks from Athos used to meditate by looking at their belly button.

7. Yes, there are bellybutton fetishes

One study from 1975 dealt with people who have a fetish for bellybuttons. A 27 year old teacher adored inverted navel and he tried to fix his inward bellybutton twice.

8. Did you know that using the microbes in the navel you can make cheese?

The cheese is made with the help of bacteria. Biologist Cristina Agapakis proved that cheese can really be made from the bacteria found in the navel.

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