7 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Sauna


Saunas make us feel better, look better, sleep better and even give us better overall health.

  • Sauna relieves stress

All those who go to sauna know that it is the number one enemy of any kind of stress. All studies and overall medicine agrees on how stress affects our health, so it is the main reason for the large number of diseases. When you step into the quiet world sauna provides you, you close the door the rest of the world and indulge to yourselves and completely relax. Heat speeds up the circulation and increases the growth of endorphins which gives the body a natural glow when you exit the sauna.

  • Relaxes muscles and sore muscles and joints

High temperature promotes endorphins growth, natural body substance that sets us free from pain. Endorphin has a calming effect and has the power to control the arthritis pain. The heat from the sauna dilates blood vessels and improves blood circulation. Sauna is especially good for athletes after a hard workout, because it relieves muscle pain.

  • Frees the body from toxins

The way of life which involves sitting for many hours leads to a lack of sweating on a daily basis. Perspiration is very important for our health.
As mentioned, the high temperature of the sauna dilates blood vessels allowing more blood flow. Through the blood, body temperature sends a signal to the nervous system and all the sweat glands covering the whole of our body. Sweat glands regulate body temperature and therefore serve as a smoking system, which is consisted 99% of water. In this way, strong sweating in a sauna removes harmful substances such as copper, zinc, nickel, mercury.

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