5 Types Of Food That Lower Immunity


Seasonal colds, flu and virus infections are common in colder months because of the increased amounts of viruses and bacteria in the air. Anyway, you will not encounter them if you have a strong immunity. Here is which types of foods should be avoided if you want to avoid all consequences of the disease(s).

  1. Sugar

Nutritionists recommend reducing the consumption of sugar in all seasons because there is 0% nutrient value. This ingredients increases blood sugar levels and reduces the body’s ability to defend itself against viruses and bacteria. This is why you need to try and reduce intake of this food during the fall and winter months.

Avoid foods with refined sugar and carbonated drinks. Instead of consuming these kinds of food, doctors recommend foods that stabilize blood sugar levels in the body, such as rice and lentil, which strengthen immunity.

  1. Fatty and fried food

There are many reasons to avoid foods full of saturated fats such as fried meat and fries. Regular consumption of this food increases blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. It also weakens immunity.

Nutritionists note that the choice of food is very important for body’s resistance against diseases. Therefore, we advise you to replace meat with healthy protein like beans and legumes.

  1. Alcohol

Certainly do not have to give up a glass of wine, but you should pay attention on what amount of alcohol is entering into your body. Alcohol warms the body in cold days, but that should not be your excuse.

Numerous studies have shown that excessive indulgence in alcohol will weaken the immune system and will expose your body to various diseases. One glass of alcohol will not hurt you, but three more will surely bring a seasonal disease.

  1. Dairy products

Dairy products are a source of hidden sugars and their moderate consumption is recommended during the winter days. Doctors, at the clinic Mayo-America, found that cow’s milk may thicken mucus in the lungs and throat. It can also slow down the process of recovery from the disease. So, choose a healthy alternative, such as almond or rice milk.

  1. Carbohydrates

Sugar is hidden in the simplest carbohydrates, like white bread and cornflakes. After they are consumed, they are turned into glucose, which makes the same health problems as white sugar.

So, instead of eating cereal, choose to eat whole grains like barley and oats combined with almond milk, banana and a little cinnamon.

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