5 Reasons Why You Should Eat Popcorn


Many parties and movie nights with friends cannot be imagined without popcorn. Some people feel bad when eating popcorn but they should not because popcorn is great addition to your diet.

Nutritionists do not recommend the use of popcorn together with salt and butter in their preparation. But if you prepared popcorn with little bit of little olive oil and a small amount of salt, you will get an important part of a healthy diet. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to eat popcorn.

  1. Popcorn has antioxidant properties

The most important popcorn ingredient is polyphenol. This ingredient is the one that protects the blood vessels.

  1. Do not contain sugar

Popcorn is ideal snack because they are sugar-free. Avoid chocolates and different sweets because they will instantly increase the level of sugar in your blood, and they will lower it afterwards. This is why popcorn should always be your number one choice of snack.

  1. Rich in fiber

Popcorn is rich in fiber which is not destroyed during the preparation. According to some researches, you should consume 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day. Fortunately, in 100 grams of popcorn there is 15 grams of fiber.

  1. Do not contain lot of calories

The number of calories depends on the method of preparation, so you are the one who decides how many calories you are about to enter through your favorite snacks. In popcorn cooked with olive oil and a pinch of salt, there are approximately 90 calories, but if you do not pay attention at these things, the same amount of popcorn could have up to 300 calories.

  1. They absorb beer

This tasty snack can absorb beer because of its high amount of fiber. Popcorn is great addition when drinking beer. Another interesting fact about this snack is that it has the ability to decrease alcohol’s negative impact on the digestive system.

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