5 Great Thing That Apples Do To Your Body


The best remedies are the ones given by the nature. Here is what can help you apples with:

  1. Apples regulate the blood sugar levels

They are excellent source of fiber, therefore they fasten digestion and glucose’s entering in the bloodstream.

  1. Apples protect us from heart diseases

Apples are rich source of antioxidants which prevent heart diseases’ occurrence.

  1. Apples help in the weight loss process

Our stomach needs less food when consuming apples because of the fiber we are entering.

  1. Apples prevent colon cancer occurrence

Apples contribute in the fight against colon cancer.

  1. Apples prevent high blood pressure’s occurrence

People who eat at least two apples on a daily basis have 37% less chances of getting high blood pressure.

In addition, read why you must never peel the apples before eating them.

  • Apple’s peel contains lots of fiber

Medium sized apple contains 4,4 grams of fiber. Without the peel, the same apple would have only 2,1 grams of fiber, which is not quite enough for the apple to be called “good source of fiber”.

  • Apples improve breathing problems

This happens only if you eat the apple’s peel. The connection that affects breathing is called quercetin and is located in the apple’s peel. One study showed that people who eat more than five apples a week have better lung function thanks to quercetin’s properties.

  • Apples are great tool for fighting cancer

According to a study, conducted in 2007, it was found that apple’s skin contain triterpenoids. They can kill cancer cells, and this applies especially to the liver, colon and breast cancer cells.

  • Apple’s peel contain lots of vitamins

Middle sized apple together with its peel contain about 8,4 milligrams of vitamin C and 98 (IU) vitamin А. Without its peel, the same apple would contain only 6,4 milligrams of vitamin C and и 61(IU) vitamin А.

  • Quercetin affects our memory

A study showed that this antioxidant is fighting against brain tissue damaging and is associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative problems.

  • Apples maintain slim line

Ursolic acid (a component of apple peel) helps to build muscle and burn calories. One apple together with its peel a day can reduce the risk of obesity.

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