5 Cheap Ingredients Which Clean The Sweat Stains


Besides the fact that having sweat-stains on your clothes looks bad, sweat stains can permanently damage the material. Therefore it is very important to react wisely and on time. Avoid exposure to high temperatures and get rid of these ugly spots with ingredients from your household.

        1. Baking soda

Make thick mixture using baking soda and water. Take an old tooth-brush and rub onto the stain with the mixture. After you are done rubbing, let the clothes stand still for half an hour, then rinse it and put it in the washing machine.

       2. Alcoholic Vinegar

Make a mixture of vinegar and water in ratio 1: 1. Put the mixture onto the material for about 20 minutes and then wash in the washing machine.

      3. Lemon

Squeeze some lemon juice and mix it with the same amount of lukewarm water. Apply the content onto the stain(s) and let it sit there for about 10 minutes. Rinse the clothes with warm water afterwards.

      4. Aspirin

Crumble the aspirin using spoon’s underside and dissolve in 1 dl of water. Pour the solution onto the stain and leave for around 3 hours, then wash the clothes the usual way.

5. Vodka

Make a mixture of vodka and water in the ratio 1: 1. Place the contents in bottle with sprayer and spray onto the stains. Leave the piece of clothing to stand still for several hours. Wash the clothes afterwards.

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