4 Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired


You sleep for full eight hours at night and when you wake up in the morning you are confused why you are so sleepy, tired and exhausted? Well, check the following four “energy stealers”. If you, by any chance, have some of those habits, make sure you avoid them.

  • Your cell phone is too close to you

Make sure your cell phone is as far as possible away from you while you sleep, or even better make sure it is turned off. Phone radiation may stop the secretion of the hormone melatonin. If this happens, you will be sleepy when you get up.

  • Sleeping until noon on the weekends

We all want to sleep in for the weekend, turn our alarm off in order to relax better. Not many know that this is a very bad habit. When you have already established sleeping time, your body knows when to wake up and when to rest. If you sleep in for even a couple of hours more than usual, your established sleeping time will be disturbed. Your sleep on the weekends can be prolonged for only one hour, or, rarely, hour and a half.

  • Sleeping with your pets

Teach your pets their sleeping place and never let them sleep with you in your bed. You may not notice, but animals release sounds and noises while they sleep. They also make sudden movements that you, again, do not notice. The fact that you do not notice these animal behaviors does not change the fact that your energy is depleted.

  • You have not worked out in four months or more

Even though exercise is a great way to get a good night sleep, working hard and excessive exercise does not guarantee a good night sleep. But, you should know that after four months, exercise kills insomnia. The best way to do your exercises is at least three times a week.

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