4 Folk Remedies For Better Hearing


1. Honey and cinnamon

In order to improve your hearing, consume a mixture of honey and cinnamon made of equal parts..

2. Green tea and red wine

Red wine is good for the mood, immunity and heart’s health. However, newest researches have shown that red wine is also good for prevention of hearing loss. It possesses antioxidants which protect hairs in the inner ear, which protect the ear for external influences. Green tea has very similar properties.

3. Beverage made of garlic and purple onion

This beverage helps in improving hearing. Prepare a mixture of 30 ml of garlic juice with 30 ml of purple onion juice. This mixture should be consumed once a day.

4. Garlic drops

Cook several cloves of garlic in olive oil. Squeeze the garlic cloves in order to get their juice out. Next thing to do is strain the olive oil through gauze. Put 3 drops of the resulting oil into your ear and cover the ear’s opening with a piece of cotton.

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