3 Things You Should Not Do After 9PM


Nothing can replace a healthy sleep so that is why we dedicated this article to help you learn what you must not do after 9 p.m. in order for you to get a good night sleep.

  1. Cigarettes

Researches have shown that those who smoke cigarettes just before going to bed are very tired the next day. Also, smokers spend less time in the REM stage because nicotine releases the hormone serotonin.

  1. Meat for dinner

If you do not want the meal to bother your solid sleep, eat lighter food before bedtime. Digestion of proteins in the body is often intense hard work while the body is in a state of rest.

  1. Too tight bra

Too tight clothes disturbs the sleep cycle so that it leads to an increased body temperature and reduce the level of serotonin. So, we recommend you to sleep with loosen and comfortable pajamas.

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