3 Ingredients You Would Never Doubt They Cause Cancer


You maybe have never even though about these ingredients being causes of cancer, but researches have shown that they are.

Instant coffee

Instant coffee contains acrylamides. It is prepared on high temperatures such as chips and fries.

How to avoid it?

Use dark, roasted coffee because that kind of coffee contains the least acrylamides. And remember not to fry potatoes in fryer.

Fish oil

Huge amounts of omega-3 fatty acids might cause prostate cancer.

How to avoid it?

Intake just the recommended dose of fish oil. Eat only two meals with fish per week and you will be just fine.

Integral rice

Did you know that brown rice contains more arsenic in its exterior part than the regular rice?

How to avoid it?

Before you start cooking the rice, wash it throughout. It is recommended not to eat it more than two times a week.


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