2 Recipes: How To Get Rid Of Kidney Stone


Kidney stones are a problem that occurs fairly often, and it is mainly caused by the water we drink and the food we consume.

In this article we will present 3 recipes which will help you to efficiently remove kidney stones.

Recipe 1

Ingredients needed:

– Water melon (10kg)

– 1 kg of lemons

Method of preparation:

First cut the watermelon into pieces (discard the rind). Place it in a blender and add the sliced lemons. Mix the fruits well. You should get around 5 liters of thick porridge.

Way of consuming:

You should drink the entire resulting mixture within 12 hours.

Recipe 2

Ingredients needed:

– 5 tablespoons of oats

– 1 liter of water

Method of preparation:

Put the water in bowl and place the bowl on fire. Once the water starts boiling add the oats and cook for several more minutes (until the water is 800ml).

Way of consuming:

Drink half of the resulting dose in the morning and half at in the evening. Drink this remedy regularly for 7 days and then make a 7-day pause. Make three series like this one.

Whey is yet another great tool against kidney stones.

Whey must be made of milk from cows that graze in unpolluted meadows. If you cannot find such whey do not try the recipe. If you have an opportunity to make a whey of such milk, then you will need to drink half a liter of fresh whey every night before bedtime for around a month.

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