18 Trick To Make Food Last Longer: Onions In Stockings, Butter Onto Cheese

Probably everyone wants to buy ingredients from the market or from the nearest supermarket to withstand more than 2-3 days without rotting.

If you want most of the ingredients, you use every day, to stay fresh for a longer period of time then it is necessary to follow these rules of storage.

1. Well organize the fridge

It is best to found the optimal way to organize your refrigerator so that all products will be at least minimally visible. Thus you will prevent any of them rotting and remaining in the refrigerator and later spreading bacteria.

2. Vinegar so strawberries will not rot

Put 100 ml of vinegar in 1 liter of water. Put the strawberries in the resulting. Remove them after a while, dry them and place them in the refrigerator. Thanks to this procedure, strawberries can stay fresh up to 2 weeks.

3. Broccoli, Chinese lettuce and stalks of celery can be protected with foil

If wrapped in foil, these foods will stay fresh and crisp even up to 4 weeks.

4. Store fresh ginger in the refrigerator

Keep ginger in the refrigerator in order to easier peel and chop it. This way you will also prolong its shelf life.

5. Keep mushrooms in paper bag

Ordinary plastic bag creates moisture which accelerates the process of rotting. Moisture is released through the pores of the bag.

6. Onions kept in stockings can last up to 8 months

Keep separate each onion in stockings in a way that will separate them using a cord or rubber band.

7. Never keep onion and potato together

Many people keep onions and potatoes together. This error results for faster rotting of these ingredients.

8. Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil

Pour mixture made of olive or sunflower oil with fresh herbs in ice cube mold. When you prepare a meal you will only need to take one cube and you will instantly have basic ready for frying.

9. One rotten apple will rot all others

This is why whenever you notice that some of them rot, you need to immediately remove them from the rest.

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