10 Rules For Healthy Sunbathing


Rule number 1

Do not go out in the sun between 11a.m. and 3 p.m. because at that time the sun’s radiation is most intense. Pick a shady place and enjoy. Mandatory protect your head with a cap or hat and wear sunglasses.

Rule number 2

Apply the protective sun products 15-30 minutes before exposing to the sun. This way your skin will soak the protective product up and you will already be protected when you expose yourself to the sun.

Rule number 3

The most important thing is to apply the appropriate amount of protective products with SPF: measurement of 6 tablespoons match the body of an average adult.

Rule number 4

Sensitive body parts such as ears, neck, neckline, arms, area around the eyes and knees and upper foot, need double protection.

Rule number 5

Use a higher SPF during the first days in the sun and make sure to spend less time in the sun. After a few days reduce the protective factor and stay in the sun for longer period of time. This way you will gradually get darker.

Rule number 6

Do not forget to apply a protective sunscreen on hard to reach places – between the shoulders and behind the knees.

Rule number 7

Apply protective sunscreen on every 2 to 3 hours because sun is destroying the product’s molecules.

Rule number 8

Water, sand and snow reflect sunlight and increase the risk of sunburns. 90% of UV rays penetrate through clouds and 50% of rays can reach you even if you are in the shade.

Rule number 9

If you are already darkened, do not stop using protective creams. This is one of the biggest mistakes we make during sunbathing.

Rule number 10

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